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Tryout Information

While all the camps and clinics are great, the true benefit lies in the opportunity to receive the highest level of year-round training and coaching alongside a group of teammates who become family. What sets Apex apart is our track record of providing every senior athlete with the chance to play collegiately each year. We are proud to have Apex Alumni competing on prestigious teams such as the Junior National team, NCAA D1, NCAA D2, NCAA D3, NAIA, and Junior college. Our extensive network ensures that we can connect our athletes to the next level of competition.

Apex will be holding tryouts for each age group, with the intention of forming 2-3 teams per age group, consisting of 10-12 players per team. The first tryout for Boys High School is scheduled for Saturday, August 26th. It is mandatory for each athlete to have a parent present for the entire tryout.
In the event that additional teams need to be formed or spots need to be filled, there will be a second day of tryouts on Sunday, August 27th. Players who have registered for the initial tryout and successfully make a team will not be charged an additional fee to attend the second tryout.
When you come to the gym, we encourage you to have a plan in mind and have done your research beforehand to determine if Apex is the right club for you. Our ultimate goal is to leave the gym with fully assembled teams, composed of athletes who are dedicated to excellence and eager to join Apex, along with families who are excited to be part of our collegiate and professional coaching and top-notch training program.
To ensure that athletes are well-prepared for the tryouts, Apex will host trainings and open gyms specifically designed to familiarize them with club tryout drills, techniques, and procedures. These Augst training sessions will also include additional evaluations, giving participants a great opportunity to build confidence and gain a competitive edge. For more information, please refer to our Apex Essentials: Camps, Clinics & More page. We are looking forward to seeing you at the tryouts!

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