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What is Club Volleyball?

Club volleyball is a national developmental program for boys and girls 4 -18 years old. Club Volleyball involves specialized training and advanced, experienced coaches. Clubs are comprised of girls and boys from senior, middle, and elementary schools from a specific geographical area. These clubs compete within a “region”. We are the Southern California region, which encompasses clubs from Santa Barbara to San Diego and east to Las Vegas, Nevada. Individual teams are divided into age groups. All clubs fall under the guidance of the United States Volleyball Association (USAV), which is the governing body for volleyball in the United States, including our Olympic Team/USA National Team programs.


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The Apex club season is approximately seven months long, beginning with November/December practices. The tournament season starts in December and ends in June/ first week July. Regular local tournaments are held on mostly Saturdays and Sundays, generally one-two a month per age division, with two to three day tournaments at the beginning and the end of season (local qualifiers and regional seeding tournaments).  Regular season tournaments are generally scheduled the Wednesday prior to the tournament day. The individual tournament locations and times are usually posted to their website up to a week before scheduled tournaments. 

Tournaments generally last at least six hours, some up to 12 hours (depending on playoffs). For early season qualifiers and mandatories, you may be scheduled morning wave- beginning at 8am; or an afternoon wave-beginning at 3pm. You will be required to report to your tournament site approximately 45 minutes prior to the first scheduled match whether you are playing, sitting, or have referee assignments. Most regular season tournaments begin in the morning. You should pack enough food for one good meal plus plenty of healthy snacks, water, or drink.


Travel Tournaments:

Some Apex1 teams will be entering additional tournaments during the season. These tournaments are very important to our players that are seeking athletic scholarship opportunities, and to qualify for the Junior National Volleyball Championship Tournament. Expenses incurred for these trips will be the responsibility of the individual player and his/her family. Three day tournaments require four total days of travel. End of the year tournaments last up to five to six days, including travel. Fees for travel go toward entries, all coaches’ expenses, possible air and ground transportation, breakfast lunch and snacks, and lodging. Refer to your travel contract for the destinations and costs of these tournaments.

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