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Travel Tournaments

At Apex1 Volleyball Club, we are dedicated to providing our athletes with a clear understanding of the opportunities and resources available to them as they strive to reach collegiate-level standards in their athletic endeavors. With this commitment in mind, we aim to take our high school teams to travel tournaments, where they can showcase their talents, compete at a high level, and garner recognition from college coaches from all over the nation. However, we recognize that participation in travel tournaments comes with associated costs.

While participation in travel tournaments incurs additional costs, we believe in being transparent about these fees from the outset. Our "A la carte" fee structure allows families to understand exactly what these tournament expenses cover and make informed decisions about their financial commitments. At our Apex Meet & Greet Potluck, we provide detailed information about all travel-related expenses, including tournament fees that may or may not include transportation, hotel accommodation, and meals. For closer 3 day tournaments (La Convention Center, Anaheim Convention Center, Florida) We will have parents responsible for their athlete's travel & stay to these closer events. This is an effort by Apex to allow families to make their own decisions on travel via cost effective means.

Fundraising Opportunities: Recognizing that travel tournament fees may present a financial challenge for some families, we actively host fundraisers & encourage teams to create their own throughout the season to help offset these costs. From car washes to See’s Candy to sponsorships, we offer a variety of fundraising opportunities to support our athletes. These initiatives not only raise funds but also foster a sense of community and teamwork among athletes, families, and supporters.

Please see below for your teams A LA CARTE Tournament Schedule:

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